Hands-on with Fallout 3 - "999 women and one man"

Gameplayer has an in-depth hands-on preview of post-apocalyptic actioner Fallout 3 from the developer that brought us The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion . It includes an interview with the developer and a stack of new screenshots.

"In Fallout 3, mankind is once again reduced to scavenging off the leftovers of its betters – except that this time around, the betters are the dead of the past as the world has been obliterated by nuclear war. Mutants roam the planet's surface and the few remaining normal people scratch a living from the sterile soil…"

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Asurastrike3750d ago

If this game is slow paced with Level scaling like Oblivion I won't be buying it.

BUT, I read that level scaling is gone from this game, and it seems faster paced. So, looking good!

MK_Red3750d ago

There will be enemies that kill the low level players in a sec while a high level player can kill pretty much everything with ease.

As for pace, it can be played like a normal FPS like BioShock though there is option for a low speed / semi turn-based concentraited shot for targeting a single body part of enemy with anything from refile to rocket launcher!

mariusmal3750d ago

yeah i didnt liked the level scaling also. when i play an rpg i like to feel that i am weak at certain point and in the end that im a badass :P

Skemo3749d ago

I guess I'm old fashioned but I miss the completely turn-based 3rd person Fallout

MK_Red3749d ago

Skemo, You're not old fashioned. True Fallout is isometric and turn-based. Fallout 1 and 2 were legends and real Fallout 3 is the isometric game that Black Isle was making which sadly was cancelled.

The new game will be uber awesome but it will not be godlike. Complete turn-based and isometric is indeed the best and only true way of a Fallout game.

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arakouftaian3750d ago

focus on th ps3 power and stop wasting my time...

meepmoopmeep3750d ago

i hope it's not like Oblivion. i didn't like that game at all. if this is the same thing then i'll pass, but it looks good so far

aaron58293750d ago

Is that the luckiest man ever or the unluckiest ?

Papacharinonanadan3750d ago

Luckier than the guys in the vault with 999 men and one woman, that's for sure.

MK_Red3750d ago

LOL, superb answer Papacharinonanadan.
The fun thing is that player can choose their gender and can be a woman. I wonder if anyone would want to like that woman with vault of 999 men.

But the real beauty of Fallout 3 is that there will be a whole lot more vaults with different and strange situations since they are all psychological and scientific test grounds.

mariusmal3749d ago

i laffed my ass off with the vault full of mormons and the clothes dispenser crapped out.

NO_PUDding3750d ago

Pete Hines is a such a wanker. I hate that man. He ruined the TES series with Oblivion.

Morrowind wasn't perfection when ti came to gaming but the backstory and environments truly did make you feel like an outlander, and some sequences of it were absolutely astounding. Ten times better than finding the Cloud Ruler Temple. Morrowind wasn't levelled and it was so difficult and complex. Oblivion forgot about lore in so many places and focused on 'gameplay' and the mainstream and then screwed up on it.

And listen to him saying in this article...

"We don’t spend a whole lot of time explaining how we got there; the world got blown to hell, people have emerged from some vaults to try and start again. We don’t go into specifics about what took place. The explaining we do is about why the super-mutants are there and stuff like that. It’s pretty simple anyway. World got blown up. It’s 200 years later. Here’s what going on"

Roughly translated from PR talk is:

"We don't give a bollocks about the writing or the massive heritage of the franchise we bought into, we see a chance to make money here with a pretty basic game. And moreover, we will waste little time on developing the backstory so we can just plonk you in the situation 200 years from now and you can kill mutants for no reason apart from they attacked you."

Pete Hines, go do the games industry a favour and retire or resign. If those don't sound appealing put your goddamn backside into work and create a good game with a tiny bit of story please, one that is viable to hardcore fans of Fallout.

P.S I am not a hardcore fan of Fallout, I just feel sorry for Fallout fans who follow the lore, because their favourite franchise is about to be screwed over by Bethesda.

ps1h1ch3750d ago

I found it better not to get your story on a plate, so I could build my own one with observing. I would like a game where you are practicly borned in that place and get familiar with it (fable tried this with growing up of the main character but it was way too fast in my oppinion).

For fallout 3: I rather wouldn't know that I am in NY but there would be a remainings of statue of liberty in the middle of the game.

But I am deffinitely looking forward to this game (one of my most anticipated titles this year)

Tempist3749d ago

Your opinions don't seem as well educated as I hope you are. There's nothing wrong with a story that doesn't focus on what was done prior. Oblivion didn't have a need to explain everything about Morrowind. It did have references to things that happened prior in the form of books. Ergo, if you wanted to know things of the past, all you had to do was read a book on it.

Fallout 3 doesn't need to re-iterate an obvious story, Nuclear holocost happened and things suck. You as the player write your own story as you work out how to change things for the better.

Why not pass judgment on the game after playing it. At this point we have no clue as to how it's going to play.

SlappingOysters3749d ago

I don't know dude, I think he has a point. The world blew up... what's to say.

Mad Max 2 and 3 were the same and ruled.

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