Tales of Voice Recording: A Tales of Xillia Update

Ted Tsung writes, "I’m happy to announce that we recently completed our voice recording session for the game, an extremely important part of the localization process. It’s a huge milestone for us to pass and it means that Tales of Xillia is that much closer to its 2013 release."

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DivineAssault 1998d ago

Good, now get to work on finishing Xillia 2s voice work & localization for us

RmanX10001998d ago

One atta time ._. jeez. So pushy. Be glad we're at least getting more Tales games.

Alos881998d ago

I'm pretty sure it'll come over too, the Tales games have been selling better overseas this gen.

Inception1998d ago

Be patient mate. First, we'll support Xillia 1 and if namco satisfied with Xillia 1 sales than we can ask Xillia 2. You know this is the standard rule right? ^^

tarbis1998d ago

Just retain the Japanese voice and I'm one happy fella.

Gregard1998d ago

I don't see it happening unfortunately :( We can only hope...

At least we are getting more tales games this gen which is awesome :))

Inception1998d ago

Graces f english voice are quite good and i have the feeling xillia will have a good VA too. Specially this is the title for Tales 15th anniversary.