Editorial on Church Of England's Response to Increase Traffic

Over at, it looks like they have had enough with video games and the video game industry being persecuted. Site creator SeeDsTOHR has written a response to the Church of England's comments on its unusually high traffic following the Resistance: Fall of Man scandal back in the summer.

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Bebedora3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

Will be fun blasting off some chimera more than ever when I get to that part. Can you say 'fun as H**'? >:)

Good rant too.

Half-Life_Fan3663d ago

"Ok if we take their point as serious as they were, why aren't women around the world protesting the church to amend the bible to take out Exodus 21:7, which states that you can sell your daughter into slavery, or farmers demanding the church take out Leviticus 18:22, where its just fine to stone anyone who plants two crops side by side."

To me I think the church got owned by itself.