Endless Ocean - Why Poking a Fish isn't Fun

Gameplayer has gone live with a highly critical review of Endless Ocean, declaring the limitations of the Wii its biggest enemy, and the gameplay boring in its 5/10.

"It's like taking a refreshing cruise on the barrier reef in the blistering summer sun. It's just after five minutes of enjoying that sensation you want to do something cool like get stoned, kill something or have crazy sex with the hotel spa manager on top of a pile of ropes. The game doesn't let you do this, or anything fun.

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wiizy3719d ago

this review lets you know just how dumb some reviewers are. the game was never meant to be a sea version of grand theft auto

MK_Red3719d ago

Wow, I though I'd never say this but dreamintruder08, I completely agree with you here.
I'm no fan of Wii but this reviewer completely missed the point of Endless Ocean. EO is a really well made game with a different and rather open approach to game design. I really loved it and it's definitly a good game that the reviewer just didn't get.

Night4ll3719d ago

Who pays attention to gameplayer anyway... Dreamintruder 08 and MK_Red you guys are both right... I haven't played the game but I know the intention of the game wasn't to kill things or have sex with the spa manager or the fish or whatever else this dumb reviewer wanted to do...

SlappingOysters3719d ago

I think you guys have missed the point.

The review is saying that the game is just no fun, so they might as well have put something in it worth doing.

I have played this game, and it is pathetic entertainment