Street Fighter IV - Abel - Character Bio, High Res Art, & In Game Screens

Via Ripten:

"We hit you with some initial info and screens of Abel, the most recently announced Street Fighter IV Character just a few short hours ago thanks to some Famitsu scans - but wait there's more.

Capcom just sent us a grab bag of additional content for this giant man in blue, and we feel like sharing. Have at the bio, art, and several new in game screens after the jump."

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Keowrath3663d ago

Looks like a French Football player. I can't believe I'm asking this (I SHOULD KNOW!) There hasn't been a French world warrior before has there?

Nostradavis3662d ago

I don't think so, but being that this character has no recolection of his past, we can all just pretend that he is whatever we want him to be. So in your case, yes, he was a French Football player.