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GTA 5 Info Leak is Fake, Pre-Orders on Rockstar Warehouse Include KIFFLOM Merch

GR - "We debunk a rumor and give you a reason to pre-order the game directly from Rockstar."

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Debunking a rumor is not news - it's opinion.
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Community1573d ago
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CrzyFooL1573d ago

Pre ordered! Where's the CE!

Blacktric1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

Hurr durr how dare they don't release an "extreme ripoff" edition.

I wanted a purple dildo bat memorabilia!

Wait... Sorry, wrong game.

1572d ago
Crazyglues1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

you know I'm just done with news on this game, Now don't get me wrong I pre-ordered the game like months ago....

-But I'm disgusted at how Rockstar has handle the press for this game, we got one trailer over 9 months ago with no news... no info.. nothing...

Every other day I come to the site and look at some GTA V news and it's always something stupid, no official news from Rockstar.. 9 months after their first trailer... we still don't know nothing, and it's Rockstar's fault..

It just seems like a real disgust to the fans of the game to give them nothing, just to have an attitude were it's like you will get it when we feel like giving you an update.. Terrible..

I'm done, I'm burnt out on waiting for just basic info about the game... Who does marketing like this? you can just call me when it's done..

and then I'll just decide if I'm still even getting this.. I don't even care when the second trailer comes out, I could care less at this point, my hype for this game has just completely died down.. Too much waiting...

and I'm just stating how I feel, you don't agree that's cool but that's how I feel at this point


Razmossis1572d ago

Cry Hard: Cry Harder

First of all, R* owe you nothing, it is their game do advertise and discuss as they please. They haven't given any dates for trailers or press releases to the public that they haven't stuck to, so get over it.

Secondly, their marketing (or lack thereof) is genius. Only R* could release a single trailer and have an entire year's worth of hype and hopes manifest, and rumours are in the news every week.

And lastly, we are now only a few days away from a massive GI GTAV special, and a week away from trailer 2 and now you've had enough? Great timing lol.
Incase you hadn't heard, R*'s New York office was out of power due to the hurricane... if you can figure out a way to power computers without electricity I'm all ears.
You should be angry at the hurricane, not R*

StillGray1573d ago

Nice to see Gameinformer coming out and debunking it head on.

NYC_Gamer1573d ago

I'll be buying GTA 5 for console and PC for the mod community

crimsonfox1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

I think a "Cluckin Bell" shirt or a "San Andreas" Hat would have been better. I have always wanted the hat Ryder wears but never had the resources to obtain one. But anything free is nice!

i_da_pappy1573d ago

well of course he's gonna say it's fake. they have a mag coming out in a couple of days they don't want to spoil. but seriously i hope it's really fake. we will see in the next few days if they really are.

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