PC Gamer investigates servers with just one player

PC Gamer's Craig Pearson happened upon an interesting question. Why is it when you're browsing for public servers to play FPS, there are so many with just one player in them? Craig decided to find out, and has published the results of his investigation on his PC Gamer blog. Here's a sample of his report:

Craig: Hello. Can I ask you a question?
Gunneri SGT Hartman killed Craig with mp44.
Craig: I'm not here to fight,
Craig: Can we talk for a minute?
Craig: Mr Hartman?
Craig: Can I ask you a question?
Craig: Why are you here on a server on you own?
Craig: Hello?
Craig: Do you speak english?
Gunneri SGT Hartman killed Craig with spade.

Read the full article for more of Craig's hard-hitting investigative journalism.

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solar3804d ago

:D ive done the same when i ran a CS:S server for a friend of mine.

kg73103804d ago

I think mostly because they're waiting for a friend or they wanna
know more the maps

bumnut3804d ago

i did this on bf2 for a while to learn how to handle the aircraft in peace.

mariusmal3804d ago

ahaha i did it on bf2 to learn piloting the chopper. it never good when you have a full black hawk and you crash with all the team aboard :P

Maddens Raiders3804d ago

I did it to learn WarHawk; otherwise it was a non-stop funeral marathon.

GodsHand3804d ago

So, true.

I did the same, to find the locations of each type of weapons. Especially the land mines.

funkeystu3804d ago

I did it in team fortress 2 when I first set up my new comp - I wanted to see what type of ping I was gonna get on my newly set up wireless network and wanted a decent look at some of high res textures on my new rig. Deliberately went on a Gravlepit server for the occasion, just so I could finally get the "impenetrable defence" achievement (I figured there's no legit way to get it on a balanced, populated server)

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