Activision Scores With Monster Hit

TheStreets report: "Video-games publisher Activision remained firmly in the saddle as the leading video games publisher in January for the third consecutive month.

The video game publisher enjoyed solid sales from its monster hit, Call of Duty 4. Meanwhile Sony's hardware console PlayStation 3 moved ahead of the Xbox 360 and closed the gap against the Wii.

Activision and Sony's performance stood out in the overall video-games industry, which saw growth shrank last month compared with the same period a year ago".

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Bolts3775d ago

This franchise is gold. GOLD! I can't think of any other game that can dominate across all platform like CoD can. Lets take Halo for example, on the PC this game will simply be ignored. Gears of War? PC users simply don't give a damn about console shooters. But with it's PC roots every single CoD tittle is hit.

Activision is extremely lucky to have this cash cow.