EA Creative Director Confirms Sims 3

In a thread on the "Quarter To Three" gaming industry forum, someone got hold of a list of Sims-related games due for 2008. (The list includes Sims 3, MySims for PC, MySims Kingdom, Sim Animals, MySims Party, and Sim City Creator.) Creative director of EA's Sims studio in Redmond, Rod Humble, stepped in to clarify. After pointing out that the list wasn't supposed to be in people's hands yet, he states:

"We are actually launching less skus this year than last.

For the Sims 2 game there is no news apart from the wonderful Freetime (you can be a gamer in it for crying out loud, why do you hate gamers?). Thats it for the Sims 2 in terms of new stuff. For Sims 3 there will be new information soon."

He then confirms extra material for the Wii's MySims and the existence of a new Sims branch, SimAnimals, to be properly announced later. As for SimCity Creator, he remained tight-lipped.

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Kain813570d ago

and hello Kitty hahaha

seroiusly no i hate Sims

mighty_douche3570d ago

Never played a SIMs game, and dont think i ever will.

ChickeyCantor3570d ago

" Creative" can go to hell with this >=(

Le-mo3570d ago

I owned 4 Sims game for my PS2...

Actually my sisters bought them.

The_Synthetic_Nation3570d ago

The Sims are awesome. I can't wait for 3, it's gonna be great.

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The story is too old to be commented.