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PSNStores Review: When Vikings Attack

Ben writes: "When Vikings Attack is a Power Stone for the modern age, a game so singularly focused on being fun with friends that is takes on a spirit rarely found in multiplayer games." (PS Vita, PS3, When Vikings Attack) 5/5

GribbleGrunger  +   531d ago
I hope they don't just review this game as a PS3 game and we actually get some specific Vita reviews. It would be a shame for people to overlook what appears to be an excellent game for the Vita too. I know they mention it's on the Vita, but it would be great if it these remarks don't just get buried in PS3 reviews because we all know that a lot of people just look at the score and the platform that's been reviewed.
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xursz  +   531d ago
This is like the second or third 'excellent' review I've seen of this game. How much is it gonna cost?
GribbleGrunger  +   531d ago
I believe it's around the $15 mark

and don't forget you get the Vita version for free.
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xursz  +   531d ago
Heh, well that doesn't sound too bad considering how much early reviewers seem to be digging it.

Plus the whole crossbuy thing.
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steveg2564  +   531d ago
It's actually 9.99. 6.99 for plus subscribers.

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