Warren Spector Interview - Rock, Paper, Shotgun Exclusive

Just before Christmas, Eurogamer got Kieron Gillen from Rock, Paper, Shotgun to travel up to Disney's London headquarters to interview Warren Spector. The resulting piece covered all the big matters of the day - Deus Ex 3, Portal's awesomeness and how when his new game is finally announced he'd be "vilified". But there was a hell of a lot more. Starting with polite small-talk, and extend outwards to take in his admiration and identification with Walt Disney, being "Tech's Bad Boy", how best to approach The Icons, putting his money where his mouth is, Being In a videogame, the importance of teaching videogames, creating an oral history of games, what it's like to be a 52-year old designer and JRPGs about Chopin.

The one thing they didn't ask him why he decided to hook up with this Mickey-Mouse outfit…

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