Pitchford: 'Can't wait to show what more we have in store for Borderlands 2'

GameZone writes, "Following the announcement that Borderlands 2 is becoming "one of the most popular video games of the year" with more than five million units shipped worldwide, Gearbox President Randy Pitchford promised plenty of content that he "can't wait to show everyone.""

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Cajun Chicken2025d ago

You know what would be insane? Truly an insane move? Duke Nukem crossover, items or character. Dares ya.

showtimefolks2025d ago

I want them to let us choose any skills at any time. I hate to invest in something I don't like only to get to something I do like. Darksiders 2 I think let's you choose any skill at any time.

Hopefully for 3rd they will look to implement that but I am guessing that will be on next gen systems

Anyway can't wait to play more borderlands2. Now don't hate me for saying this but I don't know why I had a better time with first borderland game than this much better an dire fantastic 2nd one. It's weird that I feel like that. Missions in borderlands 2 could have been better IMO.

It's my GOTY though but hopefully like the first one this one will improve with each dlc pack

scotchmouth2024d ago

I would love for randy to talk about how gearbox is approaching all the technical problems users have posted about on gbx forums.

GTRrocker6662025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

Duke Nukem blows. A shitty rip off of ash from evil dead and boring ass games.

_LarZen_2025d ago

I wonder how many DLC's they will sell before people starts to think...hmmm...why did I just pay a sh** load of money for this game when most of it could have been there from day one.

Anyone want milk with those cookies?

-Ikon-2025d ago

LMAO nice retarded answer...

BL2 features over 65 hours of game play for JUST one class out of the 5.. plus $30 for 4 huge dlc packs ( pirates booty was an easy 8 hours or longer ) AND BL1 dlc pedigree you should go rethink your answer

Kalowest2025d ago

That's why I'm buying the GOTY Edition.

Hellsvacancy2025d ago

And me, same goes for Skyrim

dragon822025d ago

What a stupid comment. You obviously have no idea what you are talking about.

vickers5002024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

I bought Borderlands 2 because I like to enjoy life. Obviously not everyone share my tastes though. Some people (you) find pleasure making hateful and negative comments anonymously on the internet about how people choose to have fun with their lives. Oh yeah, and some people actually have money too, so 30 bucks (or 10 bucks if you only want one of the four dlcs) isn't really that much money when you're having a lot of fun.

I've had an absolute blast with Borderlands 2, I've played it more than any other game this generation, and I'm glad I didn't miss out on playing the best game I've ever played (this generation) at launch, and I bought the season pass and have enjoyed the scarlett dlc, and will in all likelihood enjoy the dlc to come.

mynameisEvil2024d ago

How the hell would DLC that was being developed been put into a finished game? Your comment's one of the stupidest things I've read on this site in the last 6 months, my friend. Apparently, you don't know how development is done...

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MidnytRain2025d ago

That's nice, Randy. I'll have the "GotY Edition" - extra DLC, thank you.

-MD-2025d ago

Hope it's better than that Scarlett crap we got.

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