Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines Unofficial Patch v. 4.7

Fans of the Troika title Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines have churned out another unofficial patch for the title. Patch v. 4.7 comes in two flavors, one that will update from version 4.6 and a cumulative patch containing all previous unofficial patches that installs directly over Troika's official 1.2 patch. Patch notes for v. 4.7 as well as tips and tricks for troubleshooting quirks are included after the break. You can access both patches on FileFront.

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mariusmal3748d ago

its great to see that the community is keeping the game alive. the love of some gamers turn this unfinished product into something real good.

Skerj3748d ago

Damn, this game has had legs. I can't wait to see the MMO that CCP/White Wolf are doing.

zeromyst3748d ago

...and actually beat it this time. I got past the haunted hotel level but got spooked after that, lol. It's a great game though, I recommend it highly.

Skerj3748d ago

Hah that Hotel was evil, it wasn't that scary when you go through it a few times but that basement was DAMN!! There are worse parts in the game though hehehe.

MK_Red3748d ago

Wow, this game has been getting patches since the day it was released and even after all this time, they are still coming. It's sad how Troika's great game was rushed so badly. Kudos to community and fans.