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Battlefield 1942 Now Free to Play

To celebrate 10 yeas of Battlefied, and the 2 millionth Premium subscriber, EA and DICE have released the original game for free via Origin. (Battlefield 1942, PC)

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Nawert  +   664d ago
I am so happy for this. Time to play the classic again. I missed this game.
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Chris Evans  +   664d ago
Same here, just as good as ever, shame they haven't included the expansions though :(
bumnut  +   664d ago
Road to Rome was my favourite, secret weapons was a let down.
retrofly  +   664d ago
Desert Combat!
Cam977  +   664d ago
I'm going to have to download this as I've never played it before. Thanks DICE!
bumnut  +   664d ago
I almost lost my job because of this game!
Cam977  +   664d ago
I look forward to playing it then.
TheGameHuntah  +   664d ago
What a classic....
Hufandpuf  +   664d ago
Time to download!!!
Detoxx  +   664d ago
Good they've done this. I remember playing the game years ago, the game that turned me into the Battlefield player I am now
sak500  +   664d ago
Can i get a refund ? I still have the original JK LOL.

I remember playing the demo on free CD on some magazine circa 2002 and with 33.6 modem. DC was the best mod for me and remember the glitches where one could park the humvee near a wall and just wriggle into the wall and be invincible and just sit there and keep killing enemies. Fun times only let it go for the next iteration of BF not the weird secret weapons or soemthing but Vietnam.
Saryk  +   664d ago
I guess I waited too long to sell my boxed set. I really need to get that crap out and sell it.
Detoxx  +   664d ago
Saryk  +   663d ago
A ton of old box games in my closet.

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