Battlefield 1942 Now Free to Play

To celebrate 10 yeas of Battlefied, and the 2 millionth Premium subscriber, EA and DICE have released the original game for free via Origin.

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Nawert1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

I am so happy for this. Time to play the classic again. I missed this game.

Chris Evans1843d ago

Same here, just as good as ever, shame they haven't included the expansions though :(

bumnut1843d ago

Road to Rome was my favourite, secret weapons was a let down.

Cam9771843d ago

I'm going to have to download this as I've never played it before. Thanks DICE!

bumnut1843d ago

I almost lost my job because of this game!

Cam9771843d ago

I look forward to playing it then.

Detoxx1843d ago

Good they've done this. I remember playing the game years ago, the game that turned me into the Battlefield player I am now

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