Xbox 360 failure rates worse than most consumer electronics

It has been clear for quite some time that there is something very wrong with the first batches of Xbox 360 hardware. Users have dealt with overheating and the dreaded "red rings of death" since the system's release, with many gamers on their second, third, and even fourth systems. Users came up with ways to fix the issues, while Microsoft offered quiet hardware updates and extended warranties before finally admitting there was a huge problem and pledging over $1 billion to fix it.

"Consumers are benefiting from amazing innovation in consumer electronics; however, they also need to be aware that products just aren't as reliable as they used to be," Abernethy said. He also shared some tips on how to keep your system running well. "Specifically related to protecting the Xbox for those who already have one, the key thing is to be gentle with it and to keep it cool. Our understanding is these units should be kept vertical when in use to get the best air flow and cooling."

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jack who3571d ago

didnt this same site one of the dumb ass that said Xbox 360 failure rate was 33% ?

power of Green 3571d ago

That rowland fuc and some other idiot approved this sh*t its just a rehash of many duplicate stories some of which have been rejected more than once but because its worded and put together in such a way it was reposted..

DarkSniper3571d ago

Dark Sniper would like to give special thanks to Lord Anubis for spreading the word about the failure system known as XBOX 360. The gaming community needs to be aware that Microsoft is nothing more than sleazy, deceitful businessmen who will do nothing more than extort money from their consumers.

Once again, Dark Sniper lends his gratitude to Lord Anubis. Bubbles.


ruibing3571d ago

The fact that just about everyone knows someone whose 360 has broken down at least once is evidence enough of there being a problem. Besides, this article uses data published by SquareTrade and Consumer Report, so it is not simply an unfounded rumor.

I think you guys would do better by just saying the problem has improved over the newer hardware revisions.

ThaGeNeCySt3571d ago

and so it begins... the bad press sony fans had to endure for 06 & 07 has been passed off to the xbox360 for 08 lmao

sonarus3571d ago

lol this isnt really new if anything its good news for 360 cus they managed to get failure rates down from 30-16%. This does seem to be ps3's yr day. Success for titles such as MGS4, Killzone 2, LBP, resistance2, GT5 need to be high. Especially for mgs4 since that one is 3rd party. If mgs4 does extremely well it will restore all faith from 3rd parties in ps3. That being said none of you xbox fanboys should play haters and snub mgs4 jst cus its on ps3. You knw its gonna be great and while i knw most of us cnt afford 2 consoles if the chance to buy a ps3 presents itself during that period dnt hesistate to take that plunge

spec_ops_comm3570d ago

I honestly believe that we will NEVER know the true failure rate of the 360.

MS obviously spins their numbers, as I can ask 4 friends how their 360 is doing.. 3 have failed, and the other is fine.

Obviously it's not as bad as 75% (I should hope), but there's NO WAY it's 16%. Game sites don't have the statistical ability to get a real number, MS will never tell us how bad it is, and actual business news providers like CNN, MSNBC, etc. are still learning what a 'Wii' is, so no dice there..

I would really like to see an NPD poll on the subject of console failure, but MS, Sony and Nintendo would never pay them to reveal failure rates, so that's an unlikely option as well.

Failure rates will forever remain a mystery to gamers.

DADO3571d ago

Totally agree with you. It is a lot harder to overcome hardware issues that not having enough games.

BLUR1113570d ago

but 08 has just begun and the games out so far are multiplatform and also new falcon models of 360 with hdmi ports and the 3 year warranty deal I don't think this will hurt in 08 for Xbox.

MikeGdaGod3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

it will stop me from buying another 360 in 08.

after going through three 360's i got a PS3 at launch and gave my 360 away. i always thought i would buy another 360 when they fixed the hardware problems and dropped the price. but seeing how they still haven't gotten their act together i'm now leaning towards buying another PS3. i refuse to support a company that doesn't take care of their customers.

and taking care of customers doesn't mean 3 year warranty, it means making a quality product so that a 3 year warranty isn't needed.

Violater3570d ago

The inconvenience of waiting on the mail and returns alone deterred me from jumping in.
I value peace of mind above all else.

power of Green 3571d ago

STFU troll go find some PS3 news. lol

Anego Montoya FTMFW3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

you need some cheese to go w/ all that WHINE.


i`m having the best day.

i just got a PSP, get home see these NDP numbers.

Lifes GOOD.

Aleusia3571d ago

Where the news is even remotely against the 360, Power of Green will be there to open his fat f*cking mouth.

beoulve3571d ago

what are you talking about. Benny Lava is awesome

Anego Montoya FTMFW3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

"put the goat in there" is disturbing.


@truth (below)

that vid is UNREAL (in so many ways) LOL.

show everyone.

TruthBTold3571d ago

WTH was that? I couldnt stop watching. WTH is wrong w me...hahaha

power of Green 3571d ago

3 out 5 of you posts are rejected becuase you're so desperate to find anti MSFT news sometimes you will settle with spam and fud.

Whatever you're saying can't be good. lol

Who in the fuc spends all day looking for ways to make a company look bad. lol Friggin spending hours a day trying to tarnish a company.

I'll tell you whats happening in reality not on this site.

*PS3 had price drops in some form two times in a few months

*MSFT tried to ride the back stock they built up for Xmas and made a misstake doing so thinking they could land right on the end of the over stock for Xmas(probably more to do with trying to save money ontop of being wrong on when demand would go into dormancy.

*MSFT has not hyped up the 360 so the current hype suggest Sony has the lineup and MSFT does not. Thats all thats happening so please stop trying to flood this site because of NPD, much like what you did with the Warner Blu-ray thing.

cmrbe3571d ago

Yeah thats Bollywood for you. No offence to Indians but bollywoood is very corny.

PS3Freak3571d ago

THANK YOU... for that awesome video, really lightened my day.

she00win993571d ago

do you know why he do it, to piss you off so you will cry like a little girl like you're doing right now...

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Skerj3571d ago

/me goes to get dead horse
/me proceeds to beat it. ..the dead horse that is.

Aleusia3571d ago

I disagree, I think they deserve it for being so arrogant last year.

cmrbe3571d ago

What is new. Man MS should just stop beating around the bush and fix this completely otherwise we will not stop hearing this until next gen. This is getting really sad.

Proxy3571d ago

Thanks you Captain Obvious.

Marceles3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

lol yeah i have to agree...anyone who has a launch ps3 understands what we had to go through to get to the point we're at now, and we've come a long way. I finally bought a 360 in August and have 13 games for it already, but that was 10 months of torture I went through with the media while I had a PS3 only, especially starting with the Resistance/Gears comparisons and the media thinking all games should look like Killzone 2 or else it was a flop...I'm glad times are changing because that wasn't fair at all

INehalemEXI3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

Ive had 3 360's 2 where replacements for the original. 1 was covered free by a warranty the other I had to pay a $99 repair/replacement fee. I never bought a xbox. So this was my first dealing with MS and it proved to be a bit of an ordeal though worth it. Except I dislike the whole XBL subscription deal as ive said many a time before.

(Note: Never have had a RRoD it was drives scratching disc's for me.)

They can get some from where Im standing. I had my 1 60 gb PS3 and its ran with no issues. While the press was hating I was enjoying my machine.

BLUR1113570d ago

that's true ps3 deserves a awesome year god i loved the ps1 days. i do love 360 though and will get the ps3 soon. ohh and gotta hate them lame fanboys they suk

SurferDude3570d ago

f*ck the 360 fanboys. The 360 is a peice of sh8t and they deserve every piece of crap we can rub in their faces for supporting such a crappy system. We endured a year and a half of sh*t from those douches and where are they now? Oh yeah, they disappeared until next generation.

Hell they are pry playing the ps3's they just bought.

BLUR1113570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

austin powers is a piece of sh8t movie, u dont know sh8t about the 360 and there not many 360 fanboys here mostly ps3 fanboys

kingnick3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

If you think MS fixing the hardware issues would shut up haters think again.

People will always find some reason to bag MS, they'll just jump from the hardware reliability sucks to “insert statement(s) of choice”.

The sad part is people would have raked MS over the coals far worse if they used one of their existing popular brands to ensure the success of a new tech/item as Sony has done with the PS3 and Blu-ray.

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