An Open Letter To the Halo Series

D+PAD Writes:

Oh Halo, I love you, but I want to smother you with a pillow and feel the life drain out of you. I enjoy your games, but I feel more ashamed admitting to buying you than I do Pokémon Black 2 or Dance Central 3. So why is this? Why do I feel horror, nausea and shame whenever you’re mentioned?

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KeepinItReal1724d ago

What the fuck.. You have issues..

jimbobwahey1724d ago

Story quality? WTF
Like this website? No

Only way to purge garbage like this from N4G is to vote against the sites. Get on it people.

dazreah1724d ago

WTF did i just Read and who the hell approved this rubbish!?

A7XEric1724d ago

Articles like this is what makes developers not want to listen to their community.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1724d ago

So the halo series will read it?

vishant1011724d ago

U feel shame cause halo doesn't deserve you it deserves better :P

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The story is too old to be commented.