How To Handle ‘Borderlands 2′ And Its Supposedly Impossible Difficulty

Uproxx - So, with my review out of the way, I’ve been playing Borderlands 2 purely for fun. And I freely admit, it’s a hard game. There are moments, especially since I’m going solo on the game as a Commando, that are damn hard. I’m dying a lot, I’m not afraid to admit. It’s got a tough difficulty curve, which is what happens when you mock a developer for making a game that was “too easy”.

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ctorretta1963d ago

For what is is worth, I generally dislike difficult games and am never one of those people who say that beating a particularly difficult part of a game is rewarding in and of itself.

But seriously, Borderlands 2 is suppose to be impossibly difficult? I played the most fragile class (the Assassin) and I had no problems burning through True Vault Hunter mode and hitting 50.

Sure, I died a lot but the game has an almost non-existent penalty for death so I never really considered dying as an impediment. For me, an impossibly difficult game is where you hit a point that you cannot proceed without spending hours and hours to get through. Only spot in the game that have come close are the Pirates Booty raid bosses. I can solo Terramorpheous with a bit of luck and I farm the Warrior in under 3 minutes.

Also, Commando is by far the easiest class to solo. As long as you have an upgraded turret, you shouldn't be having problems...

ctorretta1963d ago

But I think a lot of the forum trolls are just angry that the game isn't Call of Duty.

"Bu..but... it is first person and there are guns!'

Tru_Blu1963d ago

Agree, just don't try and use a level 30 gun against level 50 enemies and the game isn't hard.

BLow1963d ago

Also, if you just do the story missions then your gonna have a hard time. I went through the game and did all the side missions available after each story mission was completed and it made the game much easier. Of course, the difficulty goes up dramatically once more players join your game. Try playing with 4 lvl 50 times...

1963d ago
KwietStorm1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

The game is as hard as any RPG when you go skipping into an area you have no business being in at lvl 10. I don't k ow where a lot of these people complaining about the difficulty are coming from. You can handle anything in the game with the right equipment, and I'm not even talking about The Bee. And the game is made for coop, so yaknow, play coop.

Robotronfiend1963d ago

I'm sorry, I can't hear your complaints about Borderlands 2 difficulty over the sound of my soldiers' dying screams in XCOM on classic.

Borderlands 2 ... impossible...LOL (and I mean that literally). Not even close to impossible. Impossible is something like a plat on WipeoutHD or Gran Turismo 5. Even Dark Souls/Demon's Souls is much harder than Borderlands 2.

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