Sony Hiring PS2 Emulation Engineer for PS3

"A recent job posting on the official PlayStation Jobs site suggests that Sony might be ramping up the number of titles, though, or at least getting better at making that emulator sing."

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Da Ill One1962d ago

Are maybe it's for the PS 4 to have Backwards Compatibility with PS 1, 2, & 3. Unless I missed it, the Job listing doesn't specify that it's for the PS 3.

Xwow20081962d ago

yes its for ps4, ps2 emulator is already available on ps3 but u need to rebuy your games again from psn. :(

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1962d ago

I have no problem playing old games on gaikai. I can already see the different options sony could provide. I think they are setting themselves up for great things next gen!

SilentNegotiator1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

....well if you bought a PS3 without the hardware emulator or buggy software emulator and don't own a ps2, what do you want? Free games?

If you have ps2 games, it would PROBABLY make some sense to have a ps2 to play them anyway. Emulation is never as good as the real thing. Even on PC when you can make some nice adjustments, you still tend to run into issues.

Xwow20081962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

I have a ps3 fat so iam not worried about running my ps2 games but i was just pointing that you need to rebuy the games with the new emulator.

p.s the current emulator is not buggy.

blumatt1962d ago

Let's just hope the PS4 at least plays PS3 games. If it plays PS2 and PSX games, then we'll be really happy. haha

fr0sty1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

Considering the PS4/Orbis will likely ditch the cell processor in favor of a more conventional (and more powerful by today's standards) CPU, backwards compatibility will be very difficult. Much like, after removing the PS2's CPU and GPU from the launch model of PS3, it also was not able to emulate the PS2's games well enough to release an all in one emulator, so backwards compatibility was removed on future models. Individual PS2 games instead got re-released as a result. It actually forged a new market of HD remakes, one that has even spread beyond PlayStation with the Halo remake.

However, as Ziggurcat below points out, Gaikai could remove that barrier completely. Not as good as hardware based BC, as it's network based and will likely have a fee (Prolly at least a PS+ membership to access the back catalogue.), however it's still a good solution to not being able to do it at the hardware level.

ProjectVulcan1961d ago

CELL software emulation would indeed be viciously difficult if not near impossble on current x86 hardware because it is such a unique architecture.

You can pretty much take it as given that any PS4 is not going to software emulate PS3, and it'll need at least the CELL cpu lobbed in somewhere as hardware.

Again this is possible but I am not certain sony would bother with the added cost of it and if they did it would be the first thing to be cut again just like the PS2 hardware was quickly removed from PS3 models.

Axecution1961d ago

What if the PS4 makes you play only digital ps3 games, and that's why Sony's doing this day-1 thing :O

CUNSPIRASY haha just kidding that would be awful

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aquamala1962d ago

It's not backward compatibility if you have to rebuy the games

Swiftcricket1962d ago


This. Tired of everyone making Gaikai out to be the 100% solution. Gaikai will be nice I'm sure but some of us already have huge PS1 and PS2 libraries that would have to spend a ton of money in order to play again with that service. And I kind of also doubt every single game ever released in even just those two consoles lifetime will be available. It would just be way more convenient to have a single do-it-all system for those of us that's been gaming for a long time.

himdeel1962d ago

Meh this needs to read"Sony Hiring PS2 Emulation Engineer for PS Vita". I dont care to play any PS2 games on my PS3 now even the HD remakes. I am however interested in these same games on my Vita.

andibandit1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

Yeah thats EXACTLY what the Vita needs....more old Franchises/Games.....

WeskerChildReborned1962d ago

I hope it does have backwards compatibility, that would make it a day 1 buy for me .

Conzul1962d ago

Oh please....Sony, PLEASE! YES! Make my Day!

TacoTaru1961d ago

Don't worry about it. Sony will let you re-buy all your old PS3 games in a new format to play on your new PS4.

Mikeyy1961d ago

It would be hard to get the PS3 excusives running im sure, but all the Multiplatform games will probably emulate fine, they all completely failed at utilizing the Cell the way it was ment to be used due to just lazy xbox ports.

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Messor1962d ago

This could be for the Vita.

Snookies121962d ago

Don't you dare get my hopes up... Lol

RmanX10001962d ago

That would be amazing... but.... i dont know... i want to believe... but... Argh....

extermin8or1962d ago

It's likely for the PSN, PS2 games; getting them to function on PS4 and PS Vita :P

Nawert1962d ago

Keep the classic games coming to all your systems Sony!

Chupa-Chupa1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

Ok, after talking to a friend that works for Sony, she mentioned this. "I'm not working on any of those contracts/projects, but I can tell you that PS2 games are supposed hit the Vita store soon." There you have it. *But please take it with a grain of salt*

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