Grand Theft Auto V Now Officially Available for Pre-Order

Starting today, Grand Theft Auto V is officially available for pre-order everywhere. For those of you that might prefer online retail to the more traditional brick and mortar, we've included a list of links to some popular retailers below (we'll add additional international retail links here as they become available).

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Prcko1390d ago

Can't w8 for new trailer,best week ever!

irepbtown1390d ago

I'm on my way!!!!!!!!!!!!

crimsonfox1390d ago

Done ..... And done! Got my 2 posters and 2 photo viewers wooooo!

paydayp1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

are there any secrets to spot with the photoviewers?

edit I think it maybe was a dumb question i tought u could view the posters with the photo viewers for secrets but its problay just a picture magnifier now that i think about it

crimsonfox1390d ago

Nah no secrets just screen shots from the game

Mathew9R1390d ago SpamShowReplies(2)
Mr_cheese1390d ago

Sounds lame, but im going to wait for a Special Edition pre-order. R*

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