Does no mainstream hype spell trouble for Wii U?

VGW's Brian Shea talks with non-gamers to find out what they know about Wii U, then discusses with Michael Pachter what this could mean for Nintendo.

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dedicatedtogamers1937d ago

Unfortunately Nintendo has been so flip-floppy on the WiiU that even "core" gamers aren't sure what to think.

Nintendo first says "You can play any game on just the tablet!"
And then "Uh, no, only a few select games will be playable on just the tablet"
They say "Play your entire Virtual Console library on the tablet!"
And then "Uh, no, only some games (if any) will be playable on the tablet"
They say "Check this out! You can take your console games away from the TV"
And then "Uh, no, the WiiU tablet range is a whopping 12 inches"

If Nintendo got their info straight, perhaps we'd be able to get more excited about it.

Neonridr1937d ago

lol, yeah Nintendo said that the range is 12 inches. Why do you make such a stupid comment.

And it's not only a few select games, I would say more games than not in the launch library can play on the gamepad screen alone. Certain games like ZombiU would make absolutely no sense to play on the gamepad screen only.

VC support on the gamepad screen would be nice, but it's not a deal breaker. I am mostly going to be playing this system on the TV anyways.

Nintendo have already said that anywhere in the same room will be fine with the tablet. As for playing in your bed, it would depend on how many walls and what material is being used. I know, for example, that with my wireless Xbox 360 controller I can go down two flights of stairs to my kitchen and still talk on the headset which is plugged into the wireless controller. My bedroom is only one flight down from my loft (where my games room is), so it will be interesting to see if I can get enough range to play in my bed on the gamepad.

The true Nintendo fans already know everything they need to know about the system. They are on these sites every day reading every bit of information, so they don't need a commercial to come out on TV to understand what it is. These are the same people that snapped up all the preorders and another 250k at least on waiting lists.

I agree that Nintendo hasn't done enough to show the casual market what the difference is between the Wii and the Wii U as some will be confused into thinking it is just an addon. But us gamers know better than that.

BitbyDeath1937d ago

"the WiiU tablet range is a whopping 12 inches"

Actually the range is 24 feet or 288 inches.

Blastoise1937d ago

My problem is it's coming out so soon and I know virtually nothing on how the Online or interface works...the games are looking promising but you know it's 2012 now. A decent online service is necessary.

Will pick one up eventually I'm sure, but not yet...

Schawk1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

So many good games coming on launch i cant wait, along with millions of others

Fishy Fingers1937d ago

You can usually gauge Nintendos future success by reading N4G. The more it's written off, the more successful it seems to be.

xursz1937d ago

The Wii U will be the best console this gen.

live2play1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

hilarious xD

it makes sense though

the more it seems like a potential threat, the more damage control people do
its perfect

SpiralTear1937d ago

To answer the question that this article asks, yes, it very well could. I remember when the Wii info was released. Everyone wanted to try it. With the Wii U, Nintendo is trying to satisfy both the avid gamer crowd and the "blue ocean" crowd at the same time, while leaving both a bit alienated.

Nintendo struck gold with the Wii and the "mainstream" audience, and while I wouldn't call the Wii U dead on arrival, I don't expect it to sell as well as the Wii because the mainstream audience doesn't have that instant "I want it" attitude toward it.

Bluenuts91936d ago

Yeah well selling almost 100 million *or more* consoles is pretty damn hard to repeat, so using you logic if they sell 75 million consoles then it would still be a failure. Personally I don't see how selling out of preorders at most places is a bad thing, but maybe someone can tell me why it is?

SpiralTear1936d ago

I never said anything about the Wii U being a failure. I don't think it will be anywhere near a failure in fact. Compared to the Wii's success, however, I just don't expect the Wii U to hit that "100 million+" mark, at least not at the Wii's pace.

Also, if a console sells out at launch, that's pretty much a given that the company making it is doing something right. I'm satisfied with that.

I think Nintendo will have a great success with the Wii U. I just don't think that the success will outclass the Wii's. We'll just have to see how favorable this holiday season is for Nintendo and the Wii U.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

if casuals don't buy they they will not have the same success. They should worry more about the casual gamers. They are the ones who made it sell so damn much no?

anyway *waits for ps4*

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