Sony Responds To January NPD Sales, Seems Pleased

Kotaku reports:

"Microsoft may have suffered heavily on the hardware side this January due to stock shortages, but Sony isn't going to but an asterisk by its win. It starts off its corporate statement on last month's U.S. sales pointing out that the PlayStation 3 outsold the Xbox 360 by 17%, boasting of "continued momentum" for the console. Increased PlayStation Network downloads and nearly 3 million PSN accounts, corporate says, illustrate that momentum"

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cmrbe3591d ago

Do you mean more games?

EZCheez3590d ago

Do you need to borrow some?

INehalemEXI3590d ago

I been on that DMC4 of late.

Whoooop3590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

6 disagrees... chill out my PS3 community...


cam20303590d ago

hey who wants to borrow my 360 games?? or i can just give them to you

Xeikon3590d ago

The reason there are 3 million accounts is because everybody in europe has 3 accounts, in order to actually get some content.

Lifendz3590d ago

The AAA hyped games are coming. They're being hyped so highly because they're expected to be great. Sony could have released their major in-house games early whether they were ready or not, but they're not doing that. They're going to let these games get the amount of time they deserve. MGS4 is coming in the next few months and GTA is right around the corner. That'll keep you busy until Gran Turismo, Resistance 2,Little Big Planet, Home, etc later this year. Relax. Good times ahead for Sony and PS3 owners.

TheTwelve3590d ago

Did Meus write that? Odd. C'mon man.


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Spike473591d ago

"seems pleased" Sony is such a

Marceles3590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

Yeah Sony's being modest in their response which is good. If they showed any hint of bragging, the next article would've been "Sony's head getting too big now that they have won January NPD sales??". Good job Sony at keeping your composure, let's see what's next for February

HarryEtTubMan3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

kOTAKU IS PR0 360. There arent ONLY 3 milloin PSN users with well over 10 million PS3's sold. yEA i DIDNT REALIZE ONLY THE u.s.

3 MILLION PSN users in the US! I wonder how many worldwide? I bet its getting really close to 10 million.

AlterEgo3591d ago

Actually, NPD numbers are US only (or North America...i forget)

So 3mil sounds about right.

Sony Soldiers3590d ago

Wow, I lost 2 bubbles in 30 minutes because I posted in Janurary 2008 NPD Data thread about the shortages of the 360. Or I just got pwned by Power of Green's multiple accounts? :(

Anyone help a po' Sony soldier out? :o

xg-ei8ht3591d ago

Go and buy some games then, theres plenty to be had.:)

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