Game Industry Pulled In $US 1.1 Billion In January

The NPD Group has estimated that January's take in the United States, factoring in hardware, software and accessory sales was an impressive $US 1.18 billion. While that may actually be down 6% from the previous year, keep in mind that, according to NPD, January 2008 was a 4-week month with January 2007 a 5-weeker. NPD analyst Anita Frazier explains "To accurately assess the performance of the market you must take that extra week into account. At the top-line, on an average sales per week basis, January 2007 was actually up nearly 18% as compared to last year, and the big winner was console software which was up nearly 50% when compared on a level playing field to last year."

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gamesR4fun3781d ago

damn pirates obviously bringing the system to its knees.

LinuxGuru3781d ago

We gamers are on track to make the game industry push 13 billion US Dollars in profit by the end of the year! That would be a record!

Woohoo! Game on!