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Five Reasons ‘Resident Evil 6′ Saved The Franchise… And Capcom, To Boot

Uproxx - My review of Resident Evil 6, while not full of the torches and pitchforks most Western critics have been handing out for Capcom, was hardly enthusiastic. And I still think it’s a mediocre game.

But there’s an ongoing theme in the gaming press that Capcom has finally killed the franchise. And, going by the critics, they’d be right.

One small problem with that: So far, Capcom’s shipped 4.5 million units of the game, an in-house record. True, shipments aren’t sales, but that’s still a lot of games out the door.

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Community1813d ago
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kma2k1812d ago

Well thats what capcom wanted, to move more games. To bad its wasnt selling more because it was such a great game though :(

StanLee1812d ago

Biggest problem with RE6 was a lack of focus. Too many campaigns lent itself to a disjointed story and unfocused and uneventful gameplay. The environments, settings and enemies are really remarkable but various campaigns are a puzzle that never really come together. Narrow the focus and narrative and bring the gameplay into this generation and you have a great game. Leon's campaign was a standout but the other 3 were neither interesting, nor fun.

crazysammy1812d ago

I think you have to wait for the next game in the series to see the damage that was done. RE 5 was obviously successful because it let 6 to be preordered and purchased in large quantities. We will find out one day what damage, if any, was done to the franchise with the sixth entry.

Dark_Overlord1812d ago

Now I genuinely enjoyed 5, not as a true RE game, but more of a spinoff. However after spending a couple of days with 6, I can definitely say I won't be buying it, its the worst RE by far IMO.

TheDivine1812d ago

Its very uneven. I liked that it had 4 campaigns and while cool to see them intersect, it had alot of retreading. I liked the environments but you didnt really get to explore them and soak up the atmosphere. The combat is actually really freaking amazing (just play mercinaries for pure gameplay and be wowed) but it didnt mesh well with RE imo. It shouldve started without abilities like sliding and cover and introduce them along the way maybe. It was too much action and meleeing. Although i prefer moving and shooting i miss the strategy from 4 and 5 with position, when to shoot, climbing and knocking down ladders. The bosses are cool but lack patterns for the most part where its either survive long enough or theyre bullet sponges. The qte's are cool for big scenes but they turn big scenes into 10 minute sections with vehicle control and qte's placed throughout. Id prefer a cutscene with a few qte's or a 5 minute turret sequence. Theres also less investigating which added to the atmosphere. Finding creepy shit foreshadowing the stuff you would see later like a dead corpse or mutated body. Also it lacked puzzles. Keycards were oldschool but they served a purpose of making you explore and search the environments. Guns cant be missed (maybe but youd have to be blind) and i miss upgrading them.

I guess its too fast paced, too much action, too unpolished with shitty vehicle segments, and has too many frustrating bits. The zombies were cool but the Javo sucked ass. Shouldve been all zombies or had Javo not able to use guns. For enemies with guns have a military force on the last level or some hired guns. Hated having gunfights tbh. In RE4 it was like Demons Souls. Strategy and slow paced frantic as hell combat. I like avoiding enemies and a gun is just a tool to kill them. It shouldnt be a shooter at all. One more thing, WTF is up with the stupid ass dodge? Why cant i just roll or hit one button to dodge instead of aiming and hitting a button to duck or hold left to roll and then be stuck laying on the groung? This is RE6's problem, great amazing combat that should be used in a new ip and streamlined. Shouldve played exactly like Reveations and let ONLY Jake control like it does now so he seems different and breaks up the gameplay. Chris shouldve been the only campaign with enemies with guns and it wouldve fixed most every problem right there.

That said it still has moments of brilliance, a classic RE feel (like in the snake chapter or Leons chapter 1), and is more than the sum of its broken and frustrating bits. I hope they could patch in subchapters though, thats my biggest gripe. a 2 hour chapter that shoulodve been in 3/4 parts to make replaying it fun and easy. Still im glad i played it but it shouldve had one long campaign with about 2 chapters of Chris and Jakes cut out, vehicle segments made into a cool cutscene, and add in exploration, hidden guns, gun upgrades, and a classic inventory skin. Its too bloated and uneven. Too ambitious for its own good.

Thats my uneven, bloated, mess of an opinion on RE6.