Wii Fanboy interviews World of Goo's Ron Carmel

Could World of Goo be the first killer puzzle game to hit the Wii? The work of independent studio 2D Boy (duo Ron Carmel and Kyle Gabler), this physics-based puzzler began life as freeware title Tower of Goo, and quickly started to gather recognition. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Lemmings, it's a game that 2D Boy hopes will deliver "a gameplay mechanic they haven't seen before."

Over five chapters of between ten and fifteen levels each, players must use the titular Goo Balls to construct bridges, chains, towers and other structures to negotiate each level's terrain and rescue as many Goo Balls as possible. It's not always a case of having to build up, either. A number of levels require the player to build sideways, downwards, or in multiple directions, while outside-the-box thinking is often helpful. The environments also come into play (one level consists entirely of a rotating chamber), and different types of Goo Ball with varying properties pop up, keeping things fresh from level to level.

Being the lucky bloggers that Wii Fanboy are, they recently got to take a demo of World of Goo for a spin, and found themselves playing one of the most inventive, charming and amusing puzzlers in a while. Better still, they managed to hassle one half of 2D Boy, Ron Carmel, into giving Wii Fanboy an interview. Hit the break to see what he had to say.

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