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Why F-Zero Disappeared, And What it Needs to Make a Comeback

GenGAME writes: "I think the problem that the latest incarnations of F-Zero have faced has everything to do with presentation and little to do with the content itself. If the series wants to rewrite itself for Wii U, I think it’s going to need to re-align with the demographic that went out and bought it in the first place." (F-Zero, F-Zero GX , F-Zero X, F-Zero: Maximum Velocity, GameCube, Wii U)

AJBACK2FRAG  +   901d ago
Take F zero GX put it online 30 player/racers per lobby. HD. Voice and video conference options. Get rid of the stupid metal guitar tracks insert real good music. Refine the chracters so they're pretty cool and call it F Zero U.
solboogie  +   901d ago
Not that I disagree with the guy who wrote this article but I think you should rewrite it. It only took you a few sentences and I cant agree with you more!

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