Which Halo Is The Best Halo?

Game Informer - It's a simple question. Which Halo game is the best Halo game? Obviously, the original Halo holds a special place in every Halo fan's heart. I had a permanent LAN setup exclusively for Halo at my house. My parents really loved all the late night yelling matches that accompanied every match.

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mandf2022d ago

The first Halo is the best. When the flood came into play it changed it from a simple game to a classic game. Hang em High created a lot of memorable moments for my friends and I.

IronFistChinMi2022d ago

That's probably still my favourite moment in all the Halo games, but I prefer H3 overall.

xursz2022d ago

Halo4 is the best I'll be playing it come midnight tonight.

HarryMasonHerpderp2022d ago

Yeah Halo 1 is easily the best game, everything was epic and I loved the story.
Halo 2 is a close second though for me.

IAMERROR2022d ago

Too much backtracking IMO, Halo 3 has to be my favorite. Awesome campaign, amazing multiplayer, and great forge (at the time). All the Halos are quite good imo

konnerbllb2022d ago

I think I played more Halo 2 multiplayer than any of the others. Good times, good maps and good mechanics.

Captain Qwark 92022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

for me its.....

1. halo 2
2. halo CE
3. halo 3
4. reach

1. halo 3
2. halo CE
3. halo 2
4. reach

so in conclusion, as a total package, halo CE. as multiplayer only, Halo 2. as single player only, halo 3.

ill find out where halo 4 lands tonight but from the vids it looks like it may take number one in both spots and overall, just depends on if it can beat halo 2's legendary maps, only game ive ever played where every map was good and it had headlong

krautgamer2022d ago

halo ce didn´t even have multiplayer...

Captain Qwark 92022d ago


what are you talking about lol???? it had system link and splitscreen and its mp was huuuuuuuuuuge. they even remade some of its maps for halo 2, including one of its most popular maps of all blood gulch

Slugg3r2022d ago

Oh the good times when me and my buddies used to play Halo 4 players splitscreen on a 26" tv. All the controller cords were so tangled, that we had about foot of a cord each (thank god for the wireless controllers novadays). We had a blast despite all this though.

Eiffel2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )


Halo CE on the PC was the first Halo to have online multiplayer.

Captain Qwark 92022d ago


i hear ya lol except we went all out, not just 4 players. halo was pretty big around where im from. we had 4 tvs, 4 xbox's and 4 peeps per tv almost once a month from the time it came out until halo 2 lol despite the crappy amount of work it was to set up and pissed off parents from the noise and chords but it was all worth it lol

at least i think thats what we did, according to kraut it didnt even have mp so i could be just imagining all those times

awi59512022d ago

@ krautgamer lol

Yeah i had a ethernet hub and me and my friends had 16 player matches every sunday it was so kick ass. My buddie had 2 tv's set up i had the xbox computer monitor converter and we turned the 2 LCD monitors into Tv's for the other 8 to play on.

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Lvl_up_gamer2022d ago

For me, so far it's the first Halo. I still haven't played Halo 4 yet so writing a "Which Halo Is The Best Halo? article is a few days per-mature.

Will let you know in a few days once I finish Halo 4.

MYSTERIO3602021d ago

For those of you how think halo 4 isn't the best in the series why not?????????????

Hueynewton20122022d ago

LMAO i was say the same thing, cuz all the Halo games are exactly the same LOL. Fucking pathetic series.

awi59512016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

And metal gear is all cut scenes lol. Also it has the most convoluted story of all time.

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