Playstation Brand Outsells All Competition Combined

Torrence Davis from The Bitbag writes, "Playstation continues to dominate and is doing it right for 2008. They outsold the competition combined with a total of 296,000 PS3's sold in the month of January. That's 17% higher than Microsoft. PSN had a total of 7.9 million downloads which topped Decembers 6.6 Million. I'm sure Microsoft will answer with their numbers by tomorrow."

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IzKyD13313591d ago

this is just the begining, exclusives like MGS4 and LBP havent even come out yet, and not to mention the Q2 release of Home, a bright future for the PS3....

Asurastrike3591d ago

Everyone knew this was going to happen.

masterg3591d ago

No... TheMart convinced me that it would never happen.. LOL

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Diabloz3591d ago

Those are alot of Psn dls :O

meepmoopmeep3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

good to see positive news relating to the PS3 after all the hate it took the last year & a half

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The story is too old to be commented.