IGN: Call of Duty 4 Post-Mortem

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is proving itself a juggernaut among 2007's first-person shooters. One of last year's best-selling games, COD 4 performed well on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Because, like you, IGN can't get enough Call of Duty, they sat down with Infinity Ward Community Manager Robert Bowling to talk about what went in to developing COD 4. Bowling revealed that there were once vehicle mission in the game and even Humvees in multiplayer. He went on to explain what was coming in the next patch and explained the process for creating multiplayer maps.

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Tone3782d ago

The sooner the patch comes out the better!

I see there seems to be a lot of stuff missing from this patch, that was said to be implimented.. as in more respawn points and weapon tweaks so the guns were more balanced.

Oh well, cant have everything i suppose.

Bull5hifT3782d ago

you herd it herre firzt

sak5003782d ago

One question? how to get rid of the COD4 addiction? Lvl 45 2nd prestige. Havn'te touched any other game like Mass Effect in a long while. Only when the internet was down for couple of day.

Shankle3782d ago

I'm level 55 second prestige right now, and I can't go into my next prestige because I don't want to go into sunday's tournament without a silenced M4!

Tempist3782d ago

I hope we all do and the fine folks at IGN know that Post-Mortem means after death.

Am I to believe that Call of Duty 4 is now dead and has been for awile?