Top 10 Scariest Spiders in Video Games

Woodyman counts down the top 10 scariest spiders in video games.

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YoungKingDoran1275d ago

Skulltulla family gives me the creeps. Brrr

RustedMan1275d ago

great list!
only thing that should be on there are the spiders from Skyrim.

t0mmyb0y1275d ago

Really, a list of spiders. I hope this person doesn't get paid for this work.

doogiebear1275d ago

yeah this has got to be the stupidest excuse for yet ANOTHER top 10 list. A lot of numbnuts on n4g eat this stuff up, however.

RustedMan1274d ago

you've never heard of screwattack??

izumo_lee1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

I always thought Phantom aka. The Lava Spider/Scorpion? from Devil May Cry was kinda creepy.

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