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GameFob: Of Orcs and Men Review

GameFob: Of Orcs and Men is a fascinating proposition because this is a title most people were unaware even existed up until recently. It never reached mainstream status, but I wish it had. This story follows the story of Arkhail, a gritty and bloodied Orc soldier, and his snarky companion Styx, whose prowess in the shadows makes him an invaluable ally. This is the story of an oppressed race of Orcs living under the Empire of Men, whose relentless persecution and greed have left the “green-skins” enslaved, battered, and broken. You’re given a chance to fight the oppression of man from a perspective that is not often taken. If there’s one thing that’s clear in the first five minutes, it’s that Arkhail has no problems spilling blood, and he does a damn good job of it. (Of Orcs and Men, PC) 7.9/10

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