Interview: Microsoft On Xbox 360 Supply Issues

Next-Gen speaks with Microsoft Xbox spokesman David Dennis to get the backstory on the Xbox 360's supply issues.

Microsoft was by no means surprised that PlayStation 3 outsold Xbox 360 in January. The firm began reaching out to mainstream and gaming media outlets (including Next-Gen) earlier this week to explain why Xbox 360 had such a down month.

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sonarus3755d ago

Assuming they are truly having supply issues that is a complete fiasco. With GTA about to launch what can be more annoying than wanting to buy a 360 and not having it available. They can't even drop the price cus that will increase demand and why would you have demand with no supply when there is a perfect substitute in the ps3. They better be stocking up for GTA demand. But if they dnt expect suppy to balance out till mid march then GTA launches increasing demand with a hot product like GTA around. Talk about seld destruction

power of Green 3755d ago

Have you seen past NPD numbers and even more importantly DEC's numbers? this goes for Wii and 360. lol

sonarus3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

wii has always had suppy issues but i found a wii in my locan gstop today and a 360 too and it was premium with the forza and the ultimate alliance. My point is not if 360 had supply issues my point really is they cant afford supply issues till march.

Judging by the random disagrees this news is really stinging a lot of you 360 owners this whole lack of bad news for ps3 really gets to you dosnt it. Poor guys. Why dnt you take a min and go play mass effect or cod4 or halo yes halo. Maybe you can play it enough to get it back into the most played spot on 360.

XBOX 3603755d ago

Look at POG spin! Careful POG, all that spinning may cause dizziness.

gamesR4fun3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

"he fact that PS3 outsold Xbox 360 for the first time"
First time in NA maybe but the numbers say the ps3 sold more in 07 than the 360... What chance so they have in 08 hype aside?
Time to pull out the big guns M$ this aint gonna get any easier.

and nope the shortage thing is just spin pog dont believe pick up the phone call your local 'insert large corporate retailer of choice' and tell them you want 10 they'll tell you to bring the cash. Or if your feeling lazy try google Amazon and every other major retailer has plenty just pick your sku. Not that anyone with brains would want one now.

Mr Marbles3754d ago

You are getting a little too fanboyish with those comments for this zone, take your anti MS/360 agenda to the other side.

ravinash3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

Did anyone even hear about these stock shortages before these latest numbers came out?

And if there are any stock issues, if they didn't have to replace 16% of their stock all the time, maybe they would have enough to go round.

gamesR4fun3754d ago

true that last line was over the top but pog always brings out the worst in me sorry all.

I take back the part about no one with brains wanting an xbox.

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solar3755d ago

just from fact,
i would think they would be manufacturing the hell outta 360's with the failure rates and warranty returns. i dunno tho im not at microsoft or nintendo. MS better get themselves ready to go.

PS360PCROCKS3755d ago

It's completely true, I had to go to a few stores today to find some stuff for my new place, that only Target had. I wanted to buy DMC4 as well and I went to Target first and all the 360's were gone and when I was checking out they were asking on the walkies if they had anymore 360's. Went to 2 other Targets before actually going to Wal-mart to find what I needed and for fun I looked and all were sold out of 360's but had PS3's. Funny thing is all they had were 40Gig's though.

ravinash3754d ago

So what your saying is MS is selling 360s as fast as they can make them, and still Sony manages to out sell them.

HarryEtTubMan3755d ago

I just saw 360's TODAY at Walmart in Tampa Florida. THEY ARE NOT FLYING OFF THE SHLEVES. They got outsold by the PS3 even in December!!! ITS NOT LIKE THE 360 IS FLYING OF SHELVES OR HAS BEEN HAHAHAHAHHAA WHAT LOSERS.

Genuine3755d ago

I know that they sold alot of consoles from Sep-Dec, but they need to get on the ball and stay there. I can remember Gamestop's online store was completely sold out of every 360 sku at the beginning of January. Gotta keep that momentum growing.

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