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Kuma’s Preview of The Mag II Gun Controller

Kuma Wrote: Do you remember light guns? Any person that was raised during the 80′s and 90′s experienced such titles like Duck Hunt which was the first light gun game I ever played on the Nintendo. The years of light guns started to evolve, but not all of it for the better. I felt that light guns took a change for the better when Time Crisis first debut in the states where it was the first light gun game to feature a cover system with a pedal. I want you all to keep in mind that all of these titles were also called “Rail Shooters” because you didn’t control where the character was moving until Time Crisis and House of the Dead gave us gamers what I call the “Fork in the road” option. In certain points of the game you will get two options on where to go by shooting either sign. It was unique and gave us a nice feel of control even in a rail shooter, however time has passed and we have not had a light gun game in a long while. It seems lately they are trying to give us some form of lig... (PC, PS3, Tech)

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