IGN: Nyko Zero PS3 Controller Review

So given PS3's current circumstances, how is Nyko's rumble option? All in all, it's a pretty solid direction to go, as long as you don't mind forking down serious cash for a third party controller... It still has its issues, as the d-pad isn't perfect, and the R1 and L1 buttons are a bit soft, but the fact that you've got a backlit controller, rechargeable battery pack and AA alternative option, charge cable, rumble and six-axis support, and a sturdy, comfortable design makes this one a great alternative to importing a Japanese Dual Shock 3 for $60 plus shipping. The sticks are comfortable, the controller is sturdy, and it's hands-down one of the best third party controllers.

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LinuxGuru3751d ago

Ever since the highly superior logitech wireless controllers from the PS2 / Xbox generation, the quality has gone downhill.

I don't buy third party anymore.

I imported a Dual Shock 3 and I'm very happy I did so.

Storm233751d ago

I agree with you. My wireless Logitech for my PS2 was incredible.

It says that the sixaxis support felt just like the First Party stuff. Overall a pretty impressive controller from Nyko but the only way I would ever pick one up would be if Sony says at GDC that the DS3 is not coming to NA until June or something. I need rumble for GTA4!!!!!!!

Mr Tretton3751d ago

this controller is ugly as sin.

Ri0tSquad3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

I brought it from Sams Club a couple of days ago and took it back the same day. Getting it sync up with the PS3 was a pain in the ass and the feedback is pretty crap, triggers suck, buttons are too small, and the design is very uncomfortable with battery pack there.

I was one of the people interested in this controller when I seen the video, but now I'm glad I got my money back.

Buy this controller, I'll guarantee you you'll be sorry you didn't save your money and buy a DS3.

level 3603751d ago

Would'nt mind giving it a try, even with the bad comments here and already having a dualshock3 pad.
Just an extra pad to use when friends are around.

Looks like they based it on the XBox360, but kept the Sony D-pad position.

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The story is too old to be commented.