Spore Surprises Continue - Lead Designer Talks Graphics, Gamer-Appeal and More

To find out who this game is for, whether Maxis expects the graphics to turn off middle-aged Sims fans, to learn a lot of small details, and to find out what you can do if you see a giant phallus walking through a world in your copy of Spore, read on.

What about illicit content? "You can have a penis car flying into a vagina house," lead designer Alex Hutchinson said, more colorfully than MTV Multiplayer's Stephen Totilo expected him to. "If you want to live in penistown, that's fine. We'll give you the filter to ban it out." Hutchinson didn't show any filters for that kind of content in the Sporepedia, but he did show the ban button. If you're playing the game and see content you don't like, click on it and it will be banned. It won't vanish until the game is restarted, but after that, it will be banned.

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Scenarist3749d ago

lol BUT the simple fact that you have that type of freedom is amazing

Now who wants to join me in BOOB land

Bull5hifT3749d ago

yeah, but, they say it can play on old pc' maby the graphics wont be to hot

im still waiting for my NUDE GIRL in UNREAL TOURNAMENT 3 for PS3

hmm i hope it doesnt get screw'd with like the sims does on consoles

too many people stealing games for's not making the money they used to, Hope The Sims 3 Comes to PS3, the way it's ment to look and play

my little brothers addicted to the sims 2, im addicted to Unreal Tournament 3, Call of Duty 4, Resident Evil 4, Metal Gear Solid 1, ...right now

TheIneffableBob3749d ago

I can't wait to build a creature with both a vagina AND a penis, as well as four asses and sixteen breasts!

cjp4eva3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

ehh wrong zone. :)

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