George A. Romero is NOT involved in the Dead Rising lawsuit

As the news of the Capcom lawsuit against MKR Group surfaces, it seems that many websites have been reporting "George A. Romero versus Capcom". Gaming Console Network takes the time to look over what they know so far about the lawsuit and put an end to any rumors that George A. Romero is involved.

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SuicidalTendencies3446d ago

I didn't even know any of that about Romero, The guy doesn't even own the rights to Dawn of the Dead and Day of the dead. Two of my favorite zombie movies. What a shame. The MKR group can rot in hell. As for the game...this whole lawsuit is ridiculous. The game is nothing like Dawn of the dead. The only similarity is zombies in a mall.

InYourMom3446d ago

And the fact Capcom went out of their way to not only put on the box that it is not based on the movie but it is also in the game at the opening.

Sounds like bottom feeders who aren't making much money on movies trying to attract some extra spending money.

If this in any way effects Dead Rising 2, I will never forgive this company and Romero(involved or not).