GameSpy gives 1.5/5 to Dark Messiah of Might and Magic: Elements

Dark Messiah on PC was not particularly well received, but Dark Messiah of Might and Magic Elements plumbs new levels of awfulness. It's a mess of poorly designed game mechanics, terrible graphics and generally shoddy performance that is simply inexcusable. While the promise of a first-person perspective Might and Magic action game may sound intriguing, the execution here is awful. There is virtually nothing to redeem the game in either its multiplayer or single-player campaign.

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M337ING3722d ago

Don't make a bad port of an already bad game.

MK_Red3722d ago

...And GameInformer just gave it 8/10. The game sites are really becoming different.

Personally I think both are wrong. It's not 3/10 (1.5/5) bad but also not 8/10 good. I say something like 5 or 6/10.

RenegadeValkyrie3722d ago

When I played the Demo, I actually had fun, It is too bad the game seems to have turned out to be such a stinker.