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DLC Console Exclusives Hurt Everyone

"It’s no mystery why gamers dislike paid DLC—companies have a habit of developing them before even launching the game and have fans pay extra to play the true full game. It’s not true of all DLC, but it’s certainly true of enough games to give DLC a bad reputation." (Culture, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Raoh  +   611d ago
Haven't read the article but I agree.

I'd rather a game go full exclusive to a platform/console than have the DLC fragmented.

Its part economics but I think its also part laziness and unwillingness to think outside of the box on how to make more money and squeeze money out of me.

Instead of timed or full dlc exlcusives, I'd rather see platform specific dlc/content.

Xbox had Kinect and XBL features - make a Game/DLC that fully supports those Xbox only features.

PS3 has an open network and Move - make the same Game/DLC but for Move and with the abiltity to go out to the internet for added features like Burnout Paradise's game save map update and sony's willingness to support pc mods as well as service sync's like PSN/STEAM, add origin etc to that list and allow my achievement/trophies to sync across the board for one game on every platform (ps3/pc in this case)

WiiU - WiiU game pad support for teh same game, no brainer here.

Does that cost the developer and publisher a lot of money? Maybe, but not as much as say releasing 8 other games that won't sell or facing a bad rep for bad timed dlc deals or generic dlc that only works on one platform.

The end goal, if done right would push me to double or even triple dip for one game just because each version offers a unique experience for the same game.

Stop porting generic crap and timing its releases.
BlindGuardian  +   611d ago
it's only bad when Sony does it
b_one  +   611d ago
irony intended?
BlindGuardian  +   604d ago
yep, never saw an article like this about 360 exclusive or timed exclusive DLC
b_one  +   603d ago
True, same here.
ziggurcat  +   611d ago
actually, what hurts is promising DLC across all platforms that the game is available on, and then not releasing the DLC for one of them because you're a bunch of incompetent idiot devs.

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