Gameplanet: Devil May Cry 4 Review

Gameplanet writes:

"A very solid title through and through, a definite must for fans and newbies alike. This game is rock solid with some of the most spectacular and fast paced gameplay. Could well be the best game of this type available on the console.

Ups: Smooth 60FPS, amazing graphics, spectacular combos, large variation in breath-taking enemies and environments, interesting storyline, good for all skill levels.

Downs: No save points, some parts and enemies become repetitive, and some cutscenes drag on even if they are incredible to watch."

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The Pheen-X3593d ago

HEELLLLLL YEEAHHH keep up does good ass DMC 4 REVIEWS

Skerj3593d ago

Lmao no save points a negative!? Wtf saves in the middle of a DMC stage, the longest they take is like 20 mins tops.