Gran Turismo 5 sells 9 million units

GamingVogue writes: Gran Turismo 5 has bypassed 9 million units in sales.

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TheLyonKing1868d ago

that is amazing, I still play gt 5 using the force feedback wheel makes for a very realistic driving experience. Well done.

MariaHelFutura1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

You're not ACTUALLY playing Gran Turismo or any racing game for that matter, if you're not using a force feedback wheel. A good stereo system is also a priority, nothing sounds better than a GT-R w/ no music playing and the volume being on full blast. The sound of that car sings to the human soul.

Abash1867d ago

Gran Turismo will always be king. It's astounding that almost two years after launch Gran Turismo 5 has kept me racing with all the content and support from Polyphony

Can't wait to see it hit 10 million units sold!

Temporary1867d ago

Bought it on launch and still play it, i'll probably never get the platinum trophy though

-_- but the game is beyond any other racing game ive played.

Congratulations to the GT5 team.

piroh1868d ago

some events are impossible without wheel, it's the real driving simulator

as for sales, Gran Turismo will never dissapoints

Outside_ofthe_Box1867d ago

Good to see the king of racing simulators getting the sales it deserves. Congrats to PD.

MultiConsoleGamer1868d ago

This series has incredible legs.

hennessey861867d ago

He'll I've bought it twice :D, I do hope though that with the money they have made withbGT5 they will correct some of the main issues like engine sounds and career mode length

mayberry1868d ago

Got on GT5 today! Awesome sim. Very well made!

Me-Time1867d ago

Thank the lord (Kaz) for all those updates. GT5 is still great to play after the revisements.

jimbobwahey1868d ago

Those are some insane sales figures. Well deserved though, it's a fantastic game with a hell of a lot of content. Certainly got my monies worth from it :)

1868d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.