MTV Multiplayer: FaceBreaker Impressions - Not Just A Re-Skinned Fight Night

The demo of FaceBreaker was running on an Xbox 360 development kit. The two boxers from the trailer, the bald Russian Molotov and the flamboyant Spaniard Romeo, were duking it out in a standard-looking gym. Their fighting styles were distinct: Molotov was a big bruiser, while Romeo was quick and on his toes. As you might expect, they each had their own special attacks that emphasized their strengths. For example, Molotov would come at you with both fists, and throw you in the corner, and have his way with you. The character animation looked smooth and fluid, even thought it was an early build of the game.

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solar3751d ago

nice! love the cell-shaded look of this and TF:2. i really liked Fight Night so ill def be checking out this!

kornbeaner3751d ago

Am a little upset that they got rid of fight night, but if this game is fun I'm gonna have to check it out. But as of right now I'm not sold on the new franchise, reminds me to much of Ready 2 Rumble.

amuadiv3751d ago

first i was excited about another boxing game coming but then this

"You won’t be throwing punches by tilting the control sticks in this one. You’ll do it the old-fashioned way: pressing buttons."

this one is down for the count.....

scheme_a3751d ago

Looking at this and Team Fortress, instead of going extremely photo realistic, maybe developers will start going for more stylized look.