Borderlands 2 Has Shipped Over 5 Million Units Worldwide

In a press release this morning Gearbox and 2K have announced that the highly popular Borderlands 2 has shipped more than 5 million units worldwide.

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SnakeCQC1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

lol does that mean we can start pirating guilt free?

ps its a joke i dont pirate

roadkillers1603d ago

Be careful what you say, this is a very sensitive site :)

StanLee1603d ago

Happy for the guys at Gearbox. Hope to see Borderlands 3 next gen and this time, can we please customize our own guns?

Theyellowflash301603d ago

Yeah being able to customize your own guns would be really cool. It would kind of break the system they already have, but it would still be really cool.

Dylken1603d ago

grats to these guys, great game

MizTv1603d ago

Well I hated the first one but I must say borderlads2 is a badass game, I can't stop playing it and its awesome

josephayal1603d ago

Borderlands 2 will outsell everything

SnakeShady1603d ago

Even Black Ops 2? I don't think so.
Ps: I'm not a huge fan of Mw/Bo.

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