Photos From Sony’s Assassin’s Creed III Party

Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong handles promotions for a bunch of third party publishers like Square Enix and now Ubisoft. They threw a launch party for Assassin’s Creed III with a Aveline de Grandpré cosplayer.

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jek71905d ago

the girl in the pic is so hot

mister_zolos1905d ago

agree with you i cant stop looking at her b...s :P

PaxPrinceps1905d ago

look at the picture... now at the site's name - mystery solved !

aCasualGamer1905d ago

Clopotarul -

Hahaahahhhahah !!! LMAO!

So true, though.

inveni01905d ago

Those two ladies should really kiss and make up.

Leio1905d ago

That must be
Jessica Cambensy

Never thought Chinese + Filipino + American is such a great mix.

Perjoss1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

For a game that has the word ass in the title twice, they should of really included a couple of photos from a different angle.

MidnytRain1905d ago


American is not a race...

miyamoto1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

allow me to help you guys out

there... switch to Asian Mode!!!

Leio1904d ago


So is German, Swedish, Russian ... and so on
Their country are all mixed with of different kind of people and races.

Chill and be a little stereotypical instead of be such a word-police, i dont feel the need to dive into that kind of boring discussion.

MidnytRain1904d ago


You're right; they're ethnic groups, which still don't include "American."

Ares84HU1904d ago

I just came in here because of the tits :D

MmaFan-Qc1904d ago


AKS1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )


"i cant stop looking at her b...s :P"

I hear you, man. I'm having the same problem. Those boots look like they are crafted from high quality leather and have a unique design. They really draw the eyes and stand out. I can't help but stare at them.

PS-ADDICT1903d ago

Ive been confused are italians,irish,greek,scottish people white people? Are haitians black or hispanic, are philipinos asian or hispanic, Puerto Ricans Black or Hispanic im born and raised in america from a mexican mom and dad. Whenever i mark a box that ask what i am , i always check American is that right, i dont identify myself with mexican ghetto...or do they mean im Aryan Race if i choose american? the good thing is White is becoming a minority in the U.S.

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math1905d ago

i bet there were a lot of hidden "blades" at that party, amiright?

Bimkoblerutso1905d ago

...are you suggesting that these ladies are transvestites?

kratos171904d ago

haha classic, you sir deserve a bubble for that.

GamerElite1905d ago

Don't have to tell me twice. Those girls are beyond hot.

knifefight1905d ago

"There are some women you'd just love to have kill ya."

-Leslie Nielsen

unknownhero11231905d ago

I know i wouldn't mind that lady in the pic cornering me. bonus points if she does her best xenia onnatopp impression with her legs.

1904d ago
jek71905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

i would kiss the person who could give me this girl's name. shes has a very beautiful face.

is it just me? because everytime i look at her my eyes cant stop looking at her perfectly shaped boobs

whateva1905d ago

(goes into stalker mode to find out who this girl is

caseh1905d ago

I believe her name is Jessica Cambensy. Fap away.

Blasphemy1905d ago

Don't click the link malicious site.

Dunpeal1905d ago

whoever disagrees HAS to be ghey

chadwarden1904d ago

apparently 6 people thinks she's not hot. poor souls

dj3boud1904d ago

am i the only one who doesnt find the chick hot? (after going through the whole set)

jek71904d ago

maybe you like dicks and not boobs??

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GirlsGeneration1905d ago

Very nice! ^^ oh and the game looks good.. lol

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srusli1905d ago

the lady in the pic is absolut perfection