Are stock shortages the new marketing strategy for consoles?

What is it about a scarce product that makes us want it more? Does it somehow tell us that the device is far more valuable and worthwhile if it's not available? If so, does that line of thinking even make sense?

CNET's Don Reisinger is left wondering if we've entered a phase in the video game industry where scarcity is being used as a tool to increase demand, only to be followed by a flood of consoles to satisfy it.

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Kwijiboe3751d ago

Cartmanland: There's so much fun things to do at Cartmanland, and you can't come!

blynx1823751d ago

be used as a marketing tool to increase demand when it is the result of demand in the first place? -_-

wiizy3751d ago

ha... ok .. wii sold 20 million system in one year. never been done before of course there would be shortages.

BrotherNick3751d ago

I don't know , but a bunch of people I know bought the wii after trying mine. I've had mine since launch, and I know about 6 families w/ a wii.