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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review [NoobFeed]

NoobFeed's David Gabriel checks in to see if this sequel improves on the problems the original Final Fantasy XIII presented. (Final Fantasy XIII-2, PS3, Xbox 360) 68/100

Godmars290  +   615d ago
I hold that no matter how "good" this game is its basic story and premiss is based on and tied directly to one which was poor. The only logical way it can be good is for someone who liked the first game played this one.
brish  +   615d ago
What do you think was poor about the first story?
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   615d ago
^ ^
This is a better game than FFXIII though, just not enough to actually make it a good JRPG.
The enviroments are cool though I'll give it that.
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Godmars290  +   615d ago
Mostly that there was none. That much like the player, the characters were just there being lead through the motions. They did nothing except exactly what the main bad guy wanted. Lesser villains were wasted - including Cid - as you fought the game's main boss several times before the final fight. There was no world to care about or get involved with.
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elda  +   615d ago
Loved FF-XIII,FF-XIII-2 was little boring.
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Hicken  +   615d ago
I agree. I played XIII for weeks straight. Before I even got my copy home, I was playing it daily on the demo unit at my GameStop(the save didn't transfer when I got home, so I had to start over, but I didn't mind, anyway).

XIII-2 just couldn't hold my attention in the same way. The lack of party members, the fact that the story was only loosely related to the first part. Even that there are no CG cutscenes. I played it for only about a week, which(despite so many people claiming it was better than XIII) was a first for any FF I've ever played.
elda  +   615d ago
@Hicken,I totally agree I put in over 100 hrs of gameplay of FF-XIII incuding playing it again about 2 more times,XIII-2 didn't captivate me at all because of NO Lightning,no other party members & NO SUMMONS,I'm still at the end of the game,haven't finished it yet since January.
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dietmango  +   615d ago
@elda If you haven't touched it since then, don't even bother. If you're looking for those, then just stick to FFXIII or wait till Squeenix says Versus XIII will come out in 2087 or not at all. Serah and Noel are the only party members you'll get throughout the game, save for that one Lightning DLC where I heard you can recruit Lightning as a playable character (I'm not entirely sure about that though).

Other than that, it's just monster capturing for your third party member. And I'm with you guys; XIII was not the best RPG, but I eventually enjoyed it for what it was. This, not so much..

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