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German version of Gamepro magazine gives out reviews of Nintendo land and New Super Mario Bros. U

It is getting close. Nintendo gamers all over the world can feel it. The Wii U is going to be out in America in two weeks. That means two things right now.

We are finally going to have some fun with Nintendo once again.
The Wii U game reviews are coming. (New Super Mario Bros. U, NintendoLand, Wii U)

spurgeonryan  +   631d ago
It is not the gamesmaster reviews people!
spurgeonryan  +   631d ago
I just added for a full story.
spurgeonryan  +   631d ago
German gamepro magazine.
ninjabake  +   630d ago
"New super Mario bros. U isn't a system seller"

Mario is the epitome of system seller. The numbers don't lie. Anything Mario sells systems and that's globally.
chadboban  +   630d ago
Agree 100%. Regardless of what people's taste in Mario may be, no one can deny that Mario is a system seller. It may not be a game for them, but Mario's name alone sells systems.
nikrel  +   630d ago
We are buying a WiiU because of Mario, my son is obsessed he is 4. My wife loves mario, i'm not going to complain I want to play Aliens on it, Zombie U, And more.

We played the rayman game demo at the WiiU kiosk and it was freaking cool, the clarity is amazing, colors are awesome. The controller felt very light too even with the junk attached so I didn't run off it it.
DivineAssault  +   630d ago
It doesnt matter what the reviews are on these.. ppl will buy em anyway cuz it has nintendos name on it & they always have a certain magic to em that draws ppl in.. Now i dont have a family sitting around a tv so these dont interest me at all but im sure others wanna play this with their kids & or have a party n pop in nintendo land while sippin on a brew to get a laugh.. But $60? thats pushing it for these dated game engines
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WiiUalpha  +   630d ago
Lol Nintendo's 720 p isn't good enough but the 640p u get from Sony is....fanboy logic.... kept trolling Ur ignorance and bias are amusing
deafdani  +   630d ago
Did you just base your aguments on the validity of a game based on resolution alone?

By that logic, then, Nintendoland, at 720p, is a better game and more worthy of $60 than Grand Theft Auto IV, which runs at 500-something p?


I know I will get a lot of disagrees for saying that, but I'm not bashing on Nintendo at all. I just find that argument absolutely stupid.
Qrphe  +   630d ago
Mario will always sell, even if the console wasn't to sell much itself (like with GC/N64), Mario WILL sell.
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lfclee  +   629d ago
Mario in one sentence is nintendo on is own and every new nintendo console has to have a mario game because mario sells.

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