How It Feels To Review Halo 4 On Microsoft’s Turf

Kotaku: "The most recent game I reviewed was Halo 4. I didn't play it in my tiny apartment. I played it on the 24th floor of a meeting room in one of NYC’s conference centers where Microsoft was hosting a review event for two long days. It was there in the dimly-lit, curtain-drawn room full of TVs, consoles and comfy white chairs that I'd play Halo 4 to write you the review that went up early this morning."

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0pie1902d ago

it sound weird to me... Come to our office to review our game....

konnerbllb1902d ago

Yeah definitely, especially since there didn't seem to be an ulterior motive. The writer said PR stayed away from the gamers and there was no pressure on what their impressions of the game was. Unless somehow they thought that a free lunch would earn them a score bump.

Why couldn't they just get a review copy to begin with?

1902d ago
GraveLord1901d ago

That's all I can say.

KeepinItReal1901d ago

Sounds like they tried to interfere as little as possible and just let you play. Just MS protecting their assets by not giving you the game early.