Retailer selling PS Vita Call of Duty bundle nearly 10 days early

A retailer (HEB Plus) is known for breaking street dates on game releases and they've done it again. Stores in Texas have been reported to be selling the PS Vita Call of Duty Bundle already, nearly 10 days early.

If there's an HEB Plus near you than you should check it out and see if you can snag the bundle early.

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Snookies121994d ago

If they're known for this, why are they still in business? Can't they get in major trouble for that?

DXDA1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Heb plus is a grocery store that's why they are still in business. They don't rely selling electronics to stay open. I would know I live in south Texas. It is true that they break street dates. It's not often but I know a certain location that does it all the time. The manager in that department is in his mid 20s. I assume he's a gamer. They started selling halo 4 a week ago and the new call of duty bops2 is already on shelves. Not a cod fan so I won't buy but I told several of my friends who bought there copies already.

Fishy Fingers1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

It's possible. Retailers are tied to specific dates but often taking action or banning future sales can be just as damaging to the publisher.

In this case Sony are probably just happy to sell a few Vitas. I doubt much will come of it.

Edit: meant to be a reply to #1. Cheers iPhone.

Raccoon1994d ago

Cheers to all the new vita owners!!! Welcome to the family, see ya on Wednesday.

Raccoon1994d ago

Because I get a copy of the game on Wednesday so I hope the servers are up and running.... I'll mostlikely have everything unlocked by release...

MattyG1994d ago

Nice! Mine should be here in the next couple of days. Is assume the servers are up already.