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Submitted by dbjj12088 1118d ago | review

P4G: Review Log 02: Hands Off The Soba, Pal!

GR: "I'll try to keep the story details light. Yes, I know Persona 4 is over four years old at this point, but some of you will be joining me in Inaba for the first time on November 20th. Luckily, there's plenty of new features and events to talk about in light of where I'm at (May 3rd, if you're curious)." (Persona 4 Golden, PS Vita) -

alexcosborn  +   1118d ago
Looks like the Vita may have a real winner on its hands.
Snookies12  +   1118d ago
I was happy to have gotten in a pre-order of the solid gold edition. Wanted to support this series to the fullest for how amazing it is.
dbjj12088  +   1118d ago
Me too! So excited to pick it up. I don't know if I'll even open it at first. Might get a second copy to play.
zgoldenlionz  +   1117d ago
Hell yeah totally with you on that one!
Obnoxious_Informer  +   1118d ago
Hopefully persona helps sell a Vita or two. Vita's really hurting right now :-(
RmanX1000  +   1118d ago
Seeing as how its the Vita's number one selling game in Japan as of now, i'd say it'll sell a few. Plus i bought mine just for this :3
dbjj12088  +   1118d ago
So true. I love the device but where's all the software?
JonnyBigBoss  +   1118d ago
We have a winner.
RmanX1000  +   1118d ago
Day 1.
Eazy-Eman  +   1118d ago
Had this sucker preordered since they first announced it back in June I think? Anyway at that time I had beaten persona 3 (my first ever) and it was the most engrossing jrpg I have ever played...I don't even know why I got into the game but I do not regret it one bit. My first playthrough clocked in at 101 hours! I recommend the persona series to any jrpg fan, do yourself a favor and play 3 and then 4 if you're getting tired of final fantasy or any other jrpg.
HarvesterOSarow  +   1117d ago
Picking this up day 1! Persona 3 was one of the best RPGs ever made. I can't wait to be addicted to my virtual social life all over again haha

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