Weekly News Update: Peter Molyneux is Planning to Rule the World

Pure Sophistry has even more news from the world of games, geeks and the internet for you this week. From Runescape to Medal of Honor, Star Wars to Magic :the Gathering. They scoured the internet for some of the most bizarre, crazy, and down right interesting stories of the past week. Maybe you’ve heard about some of them, maybe you haven’t, but regardless, it is time to become educated!

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sly-Famous1965d ago

"Weekly News Update: Peter Molyneux is Planning to Rule the World"


MmaFan-Qc1965d ago

he cant even rule his own shoes, .... so.. .. forget about the "rule the world"

i honestly wouldnt even expect him to do a good game in the next 10 years.

hazelamy1965d ago

i've always said you should never doubt Molyneux's ambition.

konnerbllb1965d ago

Whenever I hear about Peter Molyneux I imagine Adam West from Family Guy. He's a lunatic but you can't help but laugh at the things he says/does.

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