Techware Labs: AMD Phenom 9600 Black Edition Review

Techware Labs writes:

"The Phenom offers consumers an easy entry into the world of quad core computing at a low price and with a clear upgrade path. AMD's offering may be hindered by the fact that Intel offers a comparable processor the Q6600 at a very competitive price that will likley overclock better. The choice for consumers really then comes down to the platform offering and benefits which in the case of Phenom favors AMD.

We must also congratulate AMD on the release of the AMD Overdrive software which makes overclocking easy and understandable to consumers. For many users Overdrive may be a blessing, allowing those who would normally not tamper with settings to test values and settings and see the results without having to know how. A basic understanding of overclocking is all thats necessary. At the time of this writing the Phenom 9600 Black Edition can be found at $237 with platforms starting at around $150. "

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